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News: Version 1.0 awaiting approval by Apple
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 on: March 26, 2010, 12:05:42 AM 
Started by akh - Last post by akh
What up? ContactShare version 1.0 never got launched as planned. We here at Happy O kinda ditched the whole thing. That is until one of our staff found the code lying around in an old SVN repository. Well he, Sushi, checked it out, updated it and sent it off to Apple without letting anyone in the office know about it. As a result The  app has now been released as Sushi's ContactGive v1.3.
Take note that this requires a newer iPhone OS. We suggest 3.1 or higher. In addition the app no longer requires a common wireless network connection to exist. It now works over Bluetooth. This reduces the range between phones but allows connections where a wireless network does not exist. The app is still free so make Sushi happy as an O and download your copy today.

 on: March 04, 2009, 10:28:10 PM 
Started by Happy O - Last post by Happy O
Welcome to the Happy O ContactShare boards. ContactShare allows two users to exchange Address Book entries over a common WLAN. This app is free. Features and fixes are planned but the app will always be free to download and free of advertisements.

Version 1.0 instructions
First launch app
Then wait for connection
If you are sending an entry choose entry to send
If you are receiving an entry wait for "Contact Received" alert

Some things to note:
1. Both user must have app launched
2. Both users must be on same WLAN. This is a WiFi only version as of this release
3. Both users must have a unique username, a random number is assigned as a username when the application is first installed but can be changed in settings
4. Neither user should re-launch the application once a connection is made
5. This is designed for use with two users. A connection is made to the last device recognized so undefined results will occur if three or more users launch this application at a single time.

Please leave any comments on the corresponding board.
Thank You,
Happy O

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